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About For Pete's Sake Pottery

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I'm so glad you're here. I've been creating since I was young, and I'm more comfortable with a paintbrush than a pen and tend to happily paint my days away. I started For Pete's Sake Pottery when our one and only child Pete was born. For a long while before that, I worked long hours managing a retail shop. When he was 10 months old our babysitter quit and we decided I would stay home.

Best decision ever!

Peter Jr, the namesake of For Pete's Sake Pottery, and my inspiration!
Once I was home with Pete, I started to paint again for fun and to give gifts to my friends. Soon after, I started selling my pottery to earn a little extra money. And before long, I had a full-fledged business. Pete awoke my confidence in my artistic talent, and 21 years later, I have this wonderful business and so many treasured memories of spending every day with my family. 

This business has now turned into a family business, with my husband helping me with the backend things when he can, Pete Jr. playing an active role in the business, and my niece Sophie joining me full time. She is not only an amazing artist herself, but she runs my pop-ups, designs, styles and more. We are planning to introduce a "Sophie" line that I know you will love!


Sophie-A big part of the team at For Pete's Sake Pottery

I love what I do and feel so fortunate to do this every day! Don't be fooled, there are many days I paint as many hours as I am awake. I never feel like I work, because I LOVE every minute. 

I feel very blessed and am thankful for the gift I have been given.

Behind the scenes- Kilns in my home studio so that I can create one-of-a-kind-art!